4 A.M. Wakeups

This morning was, to say the least, eventful. I woke up at 4:30. Did my hair. Put in contacts. And “made my face” (as my mother would say). I then drove 15 minutes across town to the beach. Why? Well, that’s the life of a model!


I say that last sentence tongue in cheek. Calling myself a model seems a bit presumptuous at this point. It sounds more accurate to say that I did some sunrise modeling for Quince & Co and Knitbot, two amazing local companies here in Portland.


All told, sunrise photo shoots might be my new favorite thing. Yes, I pressed snooze once or twice this morning. And no, I didn’t want to open my eyes wide enough for contacts at 4:30. And yes, I was rather groggy driving across town at 5:30. But the ocean just before sunrise made the entire ordeal worth it.


It’s like Carrie of Quince and I said as we walked to the shoot location. We hate getting up early, but we love being up early.



One thought on “4 A.M. Wakeups

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