Quince and Knitbot: Beautiful Sweaters

As I mentioned in a previous post, I modeled for a collaborative Quince & Co and Knitbot project in August. I’m excited to announce that this project is about to be released to the public. So if you’re a knitter, stop by Quince or Knitbot next Tuesday!

yoked 2

I think the best part of doing this shoot was getting to wear those gorgeous sweaters. I wanted to steal them all after the shoot. While my knitting has been mostly limited to a few scarves, two washcloths, and one sock (yeah, I get distracted easily), I’m ready to take the plunge and learn to do some real knitting. These patterns will definitely be on the top of my project list this winter. Let’s just hope the learning curve isn’t too . . . curvy.



It was such an honor working all the talented ladies at Quince and Knitbot. I’m awed by their work. Such beautiful sweaters, yarn, and photography.

yoked 1

Photos: Courtesy of Carrie Hoge, Quince & Co

Sweater Design: Hannah Fettig, Knitbot. Worked in Quince & Co Yarn


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