Holiday Prettiness and Birthday Celebrations

This week was all about getting ready for Christmas and celebrating my little bro’s 24th.

Tuesday, we took a trip out to a local Christmas Tree Farm. Many pics were snapped but, due to my cheapskate nature, no trees were purchased. I opted to wait and cut our tree in my parents’ woods this Saturday. Somehow, I ended up with two trees Saturday, but that’s another story for another time (when I have pictures). For now, enjoy our trip to the tree farm!



As usual, the hubby pointed his camera at me. Somehow, we have way more picture of me than him . . . .



After our unsuccessful Christmas tree jaunt, I was awfully bummed (even though I was the one who couldn’t stomach a $35 tree), so the hubby graciously agreed that we could pick up some white pine garlands from Trader Jo’s. Kitty joined in and we had a lovely time decking the windows.

photo (35)

photo (34) photo (33) photo (32) photo (31)

Finally, I ended the week with a belated birthday party for my brother. We had tacos (made by my mum) and a Blueberry Pancake Cake (made by yours truly), recipe courtesy of Your Cup of Cake. I have some blackmail photos from the evening, but for the sake of my little bro and his friends, we’ll stick with pictures of the cake.

photo (36) photo (37)

Yes. I did color code the candles. Who wouldn't?

Yes. I did color code the candles. Who wouldn’t?

What about you? What did you do last week?


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