All About Accessories

I’m obsessed with head accessories. By that statement, I mean anything relating to the head, whether it’s a hat, a hair clip, a head band, a hair doughnut, or a random scrap of fabric I tie around my head and call good.

With this obsession of mine, what I wore as a veil/headdress on my wedding day was incredibly important. It couldn’t be just anything. I’m incredibly picky, which can be good but can also mean everything I like lies well outside my budget.¬†


To make matters worse, I have a very ¬†thick head of hair. It makes wearing women’s hats nearly impossible. For instance, my husband brought home an adorable XL men’s hat the other day. Pretty sure I kissed him in excitement. The hat fit perfectly. Yup. I have that much hair.

So for my wedding, my fate was pretty much determined the day I inherited my dad’s thick hair. If I wanted a fitted 20s style headdress (which I did) that I could afford, then I needed to make it myself.

Please ignore the hubby's facial hair here. I promise he isn't as creepy as he looks!

Please ignore the hubby’s facial hair here. I promise he isn’t as creepy as he looks!

Thus, began the journey. I made my veil, then made a fun black headdress for a special event months later, and made my best friend’s veil last September.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 7.39.24 PM

Now, I’m feeling the head accessory itch again (and no, I don’t have lice). I’m feeling something fun . . . for everyday . . . with feathers. What do you think?



Roller Coasters Rides and Circle Skirts


Days so quickly turn into weeks and weeks into months! It’s hard to believe that I accidentally took a a 5-week hiatus from this blog. Sometimes, life is like a country drive. You control the direction and speed as you travel leisurely down the road. Other times, it’s like a roller coaster. You hang on for dear life and try to remember that someone else whom you can trust is in control. While I may enjoy country drives more, I always learn more on the roller coaster ride.

Life lately, has been the roller coaster.

When things finally slowed down, I heard my sewing machine beckon me. I had a few complicated projects half finished but decided to procrastinate on those and soothe my tired mind with something fun. A circle skirt!


I’ve always wanted to draft a circle skirt but never felt up to the task. After doing a little research, however, I realized it was easier than my current project of drafting my own pencil skirt pattern. It seemed like the perfect way to get back into sewing!


Every time I see this, all I can think is, “When did my hair get that long?!


Another thing I discovered while researching is how many confusing tutorials are out there. I had to draft my pattern several times before coming up with one that worked. And the one I used still had some hiccups I need to work out before making another skirt. This inspired me. A circle skirt pattern should be fairly simple to make. But you need understandable directions. Maybe I should write my own tutorial? Something even the beginning seamstress can understand?

Outfit Details

Shirt: Reny’s (Liz Clairborne Brand)

Skirt: Handmade by me

Tights: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Thrifted, Nine West

Purse: The Cambridge Satchel

*All photos courtesy of Marybeth Hoover