Periwinkle Clovers and a Trip to the City

For Christmas, the hubby bought me the Colette Patterns Clover pattern. I was caught up in some other projects at the time. Last week, though, I was finally able to tackle them. The result? I love this pattern!

We took a recent trip into the city and, despite the snow on the ground from our most recent storm, I couldn’t resist wearing my new pants. Can’t say I regretted the decision, even if it did get a bit nippy. 
Yes, that is an attack lobster on the miniature lighthouse beside me.

I have only a few complaints about these pants. The first comes from my own mistake. I somehow managed to make one pant leg a fraction of an inch longer than the other. Annoyingly, something about the angle in these pictures makes it look like a couple inches difference, instead. In addition, I didn’t like how low the pants sat on the waist, but I fixed that with a slight alteration. I think I’ll make them a little higher-waisted on the next go around. I’m also a little stumped on how to get rid of those wrinkles around the crotch.

Sorry about the closed eyes!

My only other complaint comes more from my own inexperience. I used a fabric without much stretch even though the pattern called for stretch. I wasn’t sure how to compensate for the lack of stretch. Should I add more ease to the pattern? I like pants with stretch fabrics, but I also like fitted tapered pants with more structure.

a snowy downtown
For a final treat, here are a few pictures of downtown post-snowstorm. 


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